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Count artists or developers that will work with the plugins: generate biomes, adjust parameters or paint masks.
How many people will use the plugins?
Do you need the source code?
No source code
Having the source code allows you to introduce changes or use our plugin with versions of Unreal compiled from source.

I want to get early access to the Paths plugins as part of the closed Beta program







Second year of updates (-20%)

Third year of updates (-35%)



Estimated Tax (0%)


This purchase entitles you to perpetual access to the current version and any version released within 1 year. Further updates will require an additional discounted purchase (see FAQ). Your updates access will not extend automatically, you will not be charged unless you decide to make another purchase

Errant Biomes Indie License x 1


Errant Landscape Indie License x 1


☑ Perpetual license (valid forever)
☑ One year of updates



Get in touch to discuss pricing, support and training for your team.

Procedural placement of foliage and gameplay elements.


Creation of spline-based networks: roads, railways, tunnels, fences, power lines, and others.
Accepting Beta applications


Terrain shaping and landscape manipulation, optimized for big worlds.
In open Beta


What plugins do you need?
We currently support Unreal Engine 5.1 and 5.2 on Windows.

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  • Biomes and Landscape are available for purchase or free trial. Just fill out the form to start your 30 day trial.

  • Paths are in a closed Beta. We partnered with selected game studios to gather additional feedback. Once all the testing is completed and all the kinks are ironed out, we are going to make them available to the public. We expect this to happen in a few weeks.​ If you’re interested in becoming one of the early adopters or just want to be notified as soon as the tools become available, sign up using the form.

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