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  • How long is the license valid?
    You get a perpetual license, meaning you can use the plugins as long as you want. After one year you will stop receiving updates and bug fixes unless you purchase an update extension for another year.
  • How much does it cost to extend updates for another year?
    We offer a special discount to reward customers who maintain uninterrupted access to updates: - 1st year (included with your license purchase): Regular price - 2nd year: 30% off the regular price for Indie license holders and 20% for Studio license holders - 3rd year: 50% off the regular price for Indie license holders and 35% for Studio license holders Continuity discount for one plugin does not apply to another.
  • Can I get access to the source code?
    Yes, simply select the checkbox on the pricing page to pick the license with the source code. For studios, we always provide the source code. As an indie developer, you can pick the cheaper license without the source code as well.
  • How many licenses do I need?
    You need a license for each developer actively using our plugins on a daily basis (generating the world, painting masks, modifying species/biomes, paths, etc). This typically includes enviro artists, tech-artists, and certain designers. People who have the plugin enabled, but don’t use its features don’t need a license. It’s often a good idea to get a few extra licenses to share between the non-artists who occasionally need to use the plugin. A license gets assigned to a user the moment he/she activates one of the plugin features or enters the plugin’s Edit Mode. The license then stays assigned to that user for several hours, even when not being used anymore. Afterward, the license is released and can be re-used by someone else or the same person, on any computer. You can always increase the license count by messaging us. We should be able to increase the limit within 1 day.
  • What if I reach the limit of active users in my license?
    Once the limit is reached, new users won’t be able to enter the plugin's Edit Mode or use its features. People who were using the plugin before will be able to continue using the plugin normally. Certain features will still work - such as runtime spawning in Errant Biomes, which happens in-game or during Play-In-Editor sessions. Reach out to us to extend the license to more users. The plugin will also let you know when you reach that limit.
  • What if I bought a compiled version of the plugins but now I need source code?
    Contact us in order to extend your license. We will provide source code for an additional fee.
  • Can I mix binary/source versions of the plugins?
    Not within one team/project. You need to use the same version for all the users working together on one project. Mixing versions in such scenarios creates various technical problems and is disallowed in the license terms. You can however compile your own version of the plugins from the source code and deliver it to your team in binary form. You still need a source license for all the team members in that case. You can also have one team using the precompiled plugins and another compiling from source code, as long as these teams don't work on the same project.
  • Can a single user run the plugins on multiple computers?
    It's a floating license that gets assigned to a user for the duration of several hours, the moment the user enters the plugin’s Edit Mode or uses one of the plugin features. A user may use the plugin on one computer on a given day and then use the plugin on another computer the next day. There need to be several hours of inactivity for the license to be released.
  • Can I modify the source code of the plugins?
    Yes, if you bought the source code license, you can modify the code (with some minor exceptions described in the license terms, like removing license checks).
  • How can I get updates?
    We will notify you of new updates in Unreal Editor when you enter one of our editor modes. Follow the instructions shown there to download the latest package of Errant Worlds.
  • What platforms do you support?
    - Development platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac (requires source code access). - Target platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and PS5. - We plan to start supporting XBOX in the coming months officially. The plugins should already compile successfully on it.
  • What are the minimal and recommended hardware requirements?
    Hardware requirements are the same as for Unreal Engine. The more powerful PC you have, the more complex scenes you will be able to create and render. We try to optimize our tools so that they work much faster than the built-in tools, but a reasonably powerful PC is still recommended.
  • What Unreal Engine versions are supported?
    When we release new updates, we ensure compatibility with the latest Unreal Engine version as well as the previous one. Currently, our support extends to UE 5.3.x and 5.4.x. Here are some important details to note: Our precompiled plugins are designed to work seamlessly with official releases of UE5, which can be easily downloaded through the Epic Launcher. Additionally, if you prefer to compile our plugins from source code, you can do so against the release branches of UE5. It's important to mention that we don't guarantee compatibility with non-release branches like "ue5-main." If you require assistance with such branches, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Why not UE4? Initially, Errant Worlds was developed for UE4. However, as we transitioned to UE5, maintaining support for UE4 became increasingly challenging and hindered our development progress. Furthermore, approximately 95% of our customers have already migrated to UE5. Nevertheless, if you're part of a larger team still utilizing UE4, we're more than willing to discuss porting options or provide assistance if you decide to undertake the porting process yourself. Feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help.
  • Will you support future UE5 versions?
    Yes, of course. We’re tracking the progress of the UE5 main branch and the release branches and try to add support for new UE versions soon after they are released. If you buy access to the source code, you can make minor changes to it to make the plugins compile on newer UE versions or other platforms even before we do it.
  • Can I generate procedural content in the game (during the gameplay)?
    Not out of the box. You would need to build your own solution on top of our code to achieve this. We might add support for that in the future, but for now, we are focused on delivering the best possible experience for artists working in the Editor. If you are willing to take on that challenge, feel free to contact us for assistance.
  • Maximum supported world size?
    There is no hard limit on our side. You would be most likely limited by other systems in Unreal Engine, such as the built-in Landscape system, the physics system, and the rendering performance. The largest world we tried our systems on was an upscaled, 100x100 km (10 000 sq. km) landscape. We also use thousands of Errant Landscape Stamp Brushes in a single map with no issues.
  • Can the plugins be run on build machines, from automated tools?
    It's possible to trigger Biomes generation from code. To do it in automation tools you need to write the "glue" code that will load part of the world in Wolrd Parition and trigger the generation in Errant Biomes. In the future we plan to make this easier, by providing editor commandlets.
  • Where can I find the documentation?
    Our documentation is available under For plugins that are still in development, the documentation is published the moment we start closed Beta testing.
  • Where can I find the roadmap?
    Roadmaps: - Errant Biomes - Errant Paths
  • Can I request a feature?
    Yes, reach out to us to discuss adding a feature outside of our roadmap.
  • Can I request a training session?
    Of course! Contact us to schedule a training session.
  • Can I outsource map creation to Errant Photon?
    We are open to contract work and can help you create maps for your project. Contact us to discuss details.
Count artists or developers that will work with the plugins: generate biomes, adjust parameters or paint masks.
How many people will use the plugins?
Do you need the source code?
No source code
Having the source code allows you to introduce changes or use our plugin with versions of Unreal compiled from source.

I want to get early access to the Paths plugins as part of the closed Beta program

I confirm that I meet the conditions for the Indie license as defined in the Purchase Terms.

I confirm that I meet the conditions for the Indie license as defined in the Purchase Terms.







Second year of updates (-20%)

Third year of updates (-35%)



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This purchase entitles you to perpetual access to the current version and any version released within 1 year. Further updates will require an additional discounted purchase (see FAQ). Your updates access will not extend automatically, you will not be charged unless you decide to make another purchase



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Procedural placement of foliage and gameplay elements.


Creation of spline-based networks: roads, railways, tunnels, fences, power lines, and others.
Accepting Beta applications


Terrain shaping and landscape manipulation, optimized for big worlds.
In open Beta


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We currently support Unreal Engine 5.3 and 5.4 on Windows, Linux and MacOS (requires source code access).

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