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main features.

We're building a motorcycle game.

Open world game map with a path of a motorcycle on it.

Realistic physics

At the heart of our game is a motorcycle physics engine that allows us to accurately simulate a motorcycle’s behavior. Our priority is to make riding feel as natural as possible, so we’re not taking any shortcuts. All naturally occurring effects like countersteering or engine braking will also happen in the game.

Open world

Complete challenges and race with your friends in an open world environment with street traffic and a range of environments where you can experience all types of riding.

Multiple disciplines

Feel the rush of  adrenaline as you pass in between cars on a twisty mountain road or ride down a steep hill, maneuvering between trees on your dirtbike. Try various road and offroad challenges.

Different disciplines available in the game Errant Photon is working on.
A drawing of a leaning motorcycle with a rider on with vectors showing forces acting on the motorbike.
Customization option in our first game.

Modding support

What we can promise you is that we will do our best to support you and the community and make modding the game as easy as possible. The only limit will be your creativity. 


We know how important it is to make your bike truly yours. That’s why we want to give you full control of its look through paint job and parts customization. The same applies to your riding gear.

Modding support, different modules working together in a game.

We are working on our first game - a motorcycle riding simulator in an open world environment. It's too early to reveal any details beyond the list of the main features you can find below. If you want to be among the first people to get updates, sign up for our newsletter


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